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What is Fan First?

We are football fans just like you...and we want to know what you think!

We are football fans just like you.

Do you find yourself watching your team and being baffled by the post-match player ratings?

We do.

Do you want to give your view on everything you have just witnessed?

We do.

FAN FIRST is here for you.

Not able to watch a match? Want to know what the fans thought of the performance? And not just rely on the view of a handful of journalists?

FAN FIRST is here for you.

With so many opinions about football across social media, it is often difficult to get a clear consensus from the most important people in the game…THE FANS!

FAN FIRST is here for that.

It’s easy to play your part. Each time you watch your team (or any team for that matter) make sure you log in and rate the players, the manager, the referee and even VAR!

And it doesn’t stop at match day, as you can show your approval (or disapproval) of your manager on a daily basis…who knows, it may even influence the chairman’s decision-making!

Help us give fans a louder, collective voice at your club and across the country.

Help us put the football FAN FIRST.

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